Oil and Gas Services

Our work force is deployed with well experienced in PDO Projects undertaking Oil Line Construction for both Mechanical & Civil Jobs. Here are the following SCOPE OF WORK FOR OIL & GAS.

  • Location constructions for Rigs and Hoists.
  • Road work .
  • Flow line constructions includes, Precast and Installation of foundations, Welding of   Flow lines , both
  • internally coated and bare lines.
  • Hook up Fabrication and Installation for Well heads. 
  • PE lining(Polyethylene)  works, includes Fusion and Pulling  for the pipelines.
  • Supply of Manpower , Vehicles and Equipment's for Oil& GAS jobs.
  • Waste Management services .
  • Equipment through Caterpillar.
  • Camp Construction through M/s Al Rehwan LLC



Managerial & Operational Fields.

Chairman: He is an enthusiastic, hard working National hailing from Al Dhakiliya region and holding Local Community Certificate . He works for the development of Locals , inperticular and generally for all Omanis.

Technical Advisor: He has Project handling experience in Sultanate of Oman for the last 30 years as a n Executive . He has managed at a time parallel projects for Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO),OXY,Daleel,British Gas & PETRONAS. He is a Qualified engineer with Business Management Qualification back ground . He handled Project Execution manpower up to 8000(including 40% Nationals )and machinery fleet around 2500 nos.

Operational Manager : He has handled Projects in PDO area, OXY fileds,Daleel Petroleum, British GAS and CCED. HE is instrumental in mobilizing for the Service Contracts in PDO area for a Super LCC Projects and running it successfully. The mobilisation involved above 1000 Manpower & Machineries required for it. He is having 30years experience .

Project/ Construction Manager : He has successfully managed in the flow line Service contract in PDO area for nearly 15 years . This works includes Rig Location works , 33KV Overhead line works ,Flow line & Hook up works , Under ground Pipe line works and necessary Gathering Stations.

Commercial Manager : He is a Mechanical Graduate Engineer with MBA and worked as a Contracts Engineer with one of the Super LCC and having wide knowledge of Construction Contracts.

Site Manager :He was having more than 20 years experience in the fields of Location works for Rigs ,Road Works , which includes Asphalt Roads, an all the kinds of Civil related jobs.

Administrative & Visa processing : Our HR team is well conversant with all the Visa Processing requirements and maintain good working relation with the office dignitaries in ministries.

Present Operation:

  • Our flow line Welding crews are carrying out Flow line jobs in PDO Operational fields as a Subcontractor in the capacity of Local Community Contractor for M/s Al Haditha Petroleum Services S.A.O.C.
  • Our Civil Crews are working in Daleel Petroleum fields in Daleel as an LCC for M/s Al Haditha Petroleum Services S.A.O.C.
  • Expecting Graded Road Works and Location Works for Rigs at Lekhwair PDO area .


Our Tie – Ups :

We have already made working arrangements with Indian & Malaysian Companies in Oil& Gas field working

TTL sales & Rental Company : This is an Equipment Renting Company in Malaysian Oil fields . Their Concentration are in Drilling area Generator , Compressors and Tower light supply of various sizes & Capacities. Hiring in & Hiring Out is a world wide operational philosophy in Oil fields machinery requirements.

Pipe Line Contractor : Spur Infrastructure – India.They are cross country pipe line contractors who has been carrying out different Pipe line projects in India and abroad. They have shown interest I to work with us if we are attempting for any Pipe line Projects in Oman.

Chenkuttavan Engineering & Consultancy Services in India :They have been doing the Design & engineering works for Projects in Oil and Gas fields for last 12 years. They have done works for the Design and As builts for flow line , Pipe line and Gathering Station works as a whole. They have expressed their willingness to set up their office in collaboration with us.

Technical Manpower Mobilising Company :We have reached a working relation with a Indian Government approved recruiting agency in India who has been supplying qualified & experienced staff in Oil & Gas fields in Oman.

BELMONT ASIA NDT & Quality Services, Pakistan. : A subsidiary company of BELMONT NDT UK. Team of Engineers and consultants come with over 60 years combined experience in the oil and gas industry. Dealing with the following services:




Rig Condition Survey / Cat III & Cat IV

We Provides Drilling Rig Inspection and Certification services. We have IADC certified inspectors to perform the job in professional manner and can give a detailed report of condition survey for Drilling Rig. Inspectors are qualified to the API Approved Training for API 4G Drilling Structure Inspections.. Therefore, both Inspector and Company are the qualified solution for the inspection of your drilling structure, whether it is a Derrick, Mast and Substructure, Trailer Rig, Carrier Rig, Derrick Equipment Set or any other Drilling Structure.

It’s no secret that masts and derricks support enormous loads when drilling and running casing. To make sure your equipment stays safe and in service, RED SAND FALCON LLC offers both API RP 4G Category III inspections and API RP 4G Category IV inspections and recertification. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in both types of inspections and can provide these services anywhere in the world. When they’re done, you can be assured that your equipment is in accordance with both manufacturer and API standards. In an API RP 4G Category III inspection, you’ll be advised of any members or components that are recommended for repairs or replacement. For Category IV inspections, our engineering department will review the work performed and verify that the equipment is in full operating condition in compliance with manufacturer and API standards. Initial inspections can be performed in 2-3 working days and will determine the scope of the repairs needed and the timeframe to complete the work.


Magnetic Particle Inspection—MPI- Through AC Yoke

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a NDT Method to detect defects on or near the surface of ferromagnetic material

Inspector Performing MPI on Lifting Eyes

Inspector Performing MPI on Lifting Eyes

Liquid Penetrant Inspection—PT

The Liquid Penetrant Inspection is a NDT Method to detect discontinuities which are open to the surface.

Liquid Penetrant –PT , Inspection on Stuffing Box

Liquid Penetrant –PT , Inspection on Stuffing Box

Down Hole Tool Inspection as Per DS-1, API RP7G

Magnetic Particle Inspection—MPI-Through Mag Coil & Black Light

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection is a NDT Method to detect defects on or near the surface of ferromagnetic material
  • Indications will be revealed by retention of magnetic particles caused by the leak field at an interruption of the magnetic field.
Inspector Performing MPI Inspection with Mag Coil on threads connections

Inspector Performing MPI Inspection with Mag Coil on threads connections

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging is a method of performing non-destructive investigation to check material properties such as thickness using ultrasonic waves.

NDT technique in a professional way in situations where an inspector has access to only one side of a part whose thickness must be determined, such as the case of a pipe or tube, or where simple mechanical measurement is impossible or impractical for other reasons such as part size or access limitations.

Inspector Performing Ultrasonic Thickness on Lubricators

Inspector Performing Ultrasonic Thickness on Lubricators

Bore Scope/ Video Scope Inspection / Remote Visual Inspection Services

Belmont Asia offers the flexible scopes Inspection. The scopes are flexible so that they can be inserted into many applications, from gas turbines to process and high purity piping. They include distal tip articulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters to maximize image quality in the specifics of your application.

Available systems include:

  • High Resolution Display Camera.
  • High Intensity Light Source.
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU).
  • Digital Storage or Videotape.

Available scope size:

  • 12mm Outside Diameter, 20 meter insertion mode tube.

Video scope Applications:

  • Inspection/approval for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, power plant industries.
  • Inspection/approval drinking water pipes and wastewater technology.
  • Inspection for heat exchangers.
  • Examination of walls for deposits, erosion, corrosion, cracks formations.
Remote Visual Inspection Services

Hydrostatic Test

We are experienced in all aspects of pressure testing from preparation and planning of test packs, hydrostatic testing, desiccant and vacuum drying, leak detection and calibration. We has successfully operated its hydrostatic testing services in asset new builds, shutdown environments and as an integral part of maintenance regimes.

We can provide suitably qualified and experienced engineers, supervisors, testing operatives and the latest equipment for testing and commissioning.

Our operatives are multi-skilled, willing to undertake general mechanical duties whilst awaiting their own work faces

Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic Test

LOAD TEST Inspection and Certification

We perform Load Test on various lifting equipment and accessories as per International Industrial Standards. Belmont follows LEEA, LOLER, ASME and ASTM standards for the certification.

Red Sand Falcon having extensive experience and trainings in relative fields.

Load Test Process at Site

Load Test Process at Site

Forklift/Crane Inspection & Certification

Our Inspectors and Engineers are qualified and trained to provide Forklift and Crane Inspection and certification as per International Industrial Standards:

The Inspectors and Engineers are certified and trained from:

  • LEEA
  • Crane Institute of America Inc